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leading sector
the output of methionine ranks second in the world.

the output of organic silicone ranks third in the world.

the productivity of agrochemicals is the best in china.

the productivity of tires ranks first nationally, 15th globally.

the number of chemchina's patents ranks 7th among china's central enterprises.

the machinofacture capability of rubber and plastics ranks third around the world.

chemchina's chemical cleaning and water treatment business occupy a major market share.

the outputs of pvc past resins, engineering plastics pbt and industrial silicone materials are second to none in asia.

the outputs of bisphenol-a, tdi, caustic soda, neoprene, fluoro rubber, fumed silica, and epoxy resin rank first in china.

the production scale of color developers of photochemicals is the biggest in china, 95% of the products for exportation abroad.

it is the only company in china that owns the manufacturing capacity of ion-exchange membrane electrolyzers, which boasts the second largest output and sales in the world.

chemchina boasts the most versatile information center in china's chemical industry with the greatest capability of information acquisition and research, providing comprehensive related services.
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